Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

As in the case of all mechanical devices, washing machines also underwent substantial changes in its form and content in the last 100 years. In the early stages of its inception, washer machines needed manual controls to operate them. Consumption of energy and power were very high. In the course of time many technological up gradations took place. Entire mechanical systems were redesigned to suit the changing needs of the users. Development of electronics gave further fillip to the industrial developments. Washing machines like all other consumer durables are benefited by the innovative technologies. Gradually improved versions of washing machines were developed by manufacturers. As on now different types of washer machines are available in the markets with diverse designs and features.

In the recent past many problems started haunting the universe. Pollution of environment resulted in disastrous consequences for the planet and inhabitants. senator wss steam The situation helped to create new awareness among humanity regarding environment protection. Industries all over the world responded positively. International agencies and governments acted in unison to maintain the green earth. It is quite natural that machines in the contemporary markets are more environment friendly. Consumption of water and energy are now reduced almost to 50 percent than the earlier models. Noise and temperature levels are considerably lower than the statutory requirements. Modern consumers are insisting on energy labels in their endeavour to reduce consumption of energy which is now a very expensive resource.

Automatic machines are now featured with programmable controls. Water levels and time to complete a washing cycle are now pre-determined. Machines can be set to commence the washing process at a pre-determined time when the tariff is the lowest. The users are able to considerably reduce their energy bills by making use of such concessions. Similarly prudent consumers choose front loading machines even though they are expensive than top loading ones because the former consumes less power. Further the front loading machines use only 30 per cent less water than the top loading machines. Another development that has attracted the attention of consumers is the introduction of steam washing machines. These machines require only 20 percent less energy and 35 percent less water than the conventional machines. It is found that steam is a better stain remover and it is also having sanitizing properties.

There are many models of washer machines available today which are designed to be more user friendly. In tune with the changes in the lifestyles of people, complete automatic machines with touch screens, anti-wrinkle features etc are being introduced in the markets. Automatic dispensers for bleach, fabric softeners and detergents are provided in the latest models for the convenience of the busy consumers. Automatic temperature controls is yet another feature that helps to reduce energy consumption. Intensive efforts are being made by the leading manufacturers to incorporate many new features in their latest models. Even though modern consumers are prudent and highly conscious about the cost factor, many of them are not averse to opt for expensive washer machines for the sake of convenience, apart from other factors like time and energy savings. Internet is a good source to gather information about new products and innovative features that are incorporated in the modern machines. There are exclusive websites dealing with washing machines.

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